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In addition to home time, many drivers switch to tank trucking because of the industry’s commitment to safety. Below are additional certifications you may need to elevate your career.

Additional certifications and training

You’ll need to complete additional training and certifications/endorsements (H-for hazmat, N-for tanker, X-for combination of both).

* If you’re hauling hazardous materials


The Transportation Worker Identification Credential may be needed if you work on port property, and most employers will cover the application cost. Learn more about the TWIC.

HME: *

The Hazardous Materials Endorsement Threat Assessment Program may be needed if a role requires hauling hazardous material, and most employers will cover the application cost. Learn more about the HME.

Tanker endorsement:

This additional certification allows drivers to haul liquid and gas bulk loads. 

Company and equipment training:

You’ll need to meet the requirements of the employer/company you want to work for. Some tanker companies have specific experience criteria and waiver criteria. Your company will provide specific training on trailers, tractors, and other related equipment needed for your role.